Monday, June 28, 2010


Purple day didn't turn out like I would have liked it too, but it was still fun! Abigail was excited because purple is one of her favorite colors. Aidan didn't have anything purple to wear ;)

For our craft, we made purple ice cubes. I really wanted to try to teach the kids how red and blue make purple. So we filled a pitcher up with water and I let them put the food coloring in. Aidan got a little carried away with the blue and our purple was blue at first. We emptied it out and tried it again.... success! The leftover purple water in the pitcher was used for dinner. Aidan insisted everyone have a big glass of purple water!

My dinner... was good... but not very purple! I made meatloaf. Since we all love ketchup with our meatloaf, I had this great idea to turn the red ketchup purple by adding blue food coloring. Let's just say... it didn't work. It turned it more brown. The kids got a kick out of it anyway and still enjoyed dipping their meatloaf in it. After the ketchup didn't turn purple, I thought I would make the macaroni and cheese purple... it didn't turn purple either. It just turned a weird color. So I found a small success in the veggie.... green beans sauteed with a "red" onion. YAY-purple :)

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