Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Green Day!

I'll be honest the first thing I thought of when I thought of green day was the band.... Aidan's first thought... Green pancakes! So we started off the morning with some green dyed buckwheat pancakes. After breakfast, we all put on our green wear. I don't know if I have maternity clothes in every color... this might give me a reason to go buy a new shirt : )

For our green project, I thought the best place to go was outside! Where else, in the summer, are you going to find so much green!? The kids had fun finding all different leaves, grass, plants... basically whatever they could find. After they picked and pulled and ran around for a while, we put all our findings on paper. They glued their greenery on construction paper. They thought it was cool to see all the different types of green. For dinner, we had chicken rice and green pea casserole... dyed green! It wasn't so appetizing looking, but the kids thought it was great! I also had a side of asparagus simply because I was craving it and it was green! The best part about making pancakes and a huge casserole... I froze all the extras! There will be a quick weekend meal!
Pictures are the green projects and my casserole!

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