Friday, June 18, 2010


Yellow proved to be another fun day! It was definately an easy day to find something to wear. Apparently, both kids have lots of yellow clothes! For a mid-day snack the kids enjoyed a Minute Maid frozen lemonade popsicle! I pulled out the playdough table and the kids had fun playing with playdough... so we made some homemade YELLOW playdough! My kids love anything that involves cooking, so they were thrilled to pull out the pots and pans! Aidan was definately more excited to play with the food coloring! I found a common recipe for playdough on various websites, but specificaly used this website for our playdough:

The website has a few different types of playdough recipes. I used the cooked playdough one. Make sure you have enough salt before you start... I had exactly 1/2 cup of salt... phew!

For dinner, I made a Yellow Thai Curry over yellow rice. I'm glad I decided to dye the rice yellow because the actual curry didn't turn out very yellow! In hindsight, I might have chosen a different menu idea! I am thinking that scrambled eggs would have been a great idea too!

Pictures are the playdough and curry with yellow rice!

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