Monday, June 28, 2010

White Day!

I'm not doing well keeping up with the blog, but at least we are still moving forward with the colors!

White day ended up being a lot of fun... and a lot of laundry! White clothes get dirty so quickly! For our white day activity, I put the kids in their swimsuits and put them in the bathtub. I gave them each a thing of shaving cream/gel and let them go to town. I had pink and blue shaving gel and the kids thought it was neat how after they played with it, it turned white! Aidan had more fun inside the tub while Abigail enjoyed playing on the outside. They were covered in white shaving cream when we were finished! They got an early bath that day and my tub got an overdue cleaning :)

For dinner, I made stuffed shells! However, I made a homemade alfredo "white" sauce for them. I'm not a huge alfredo fan, but it turned out fantastic! I used this recipe (minus the fresh parsley)

I was also in the mood for a tomato/mozarella/basil salad... so "white mozarella balls" completed our meal. Abigail kept calling them "meat balls" and couldn't get enough of them!

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