Sunday, June 20, 2010

Brown Day!

When I woke up for Brown day thoughts of chocolate ran through my mind... chocolate chip pancakes, chocolate milk, chocolate brownies.... Aidan woke up and asked for brown eggs! So much for chocolate for breakfast ;) So I pulled out some brown eggs and proceeded to cook them. However, he wasn't quite satisfied using brown eggs... they had to be dyed brown. Now that was a bit tough, so I just had him put a drop of every food coloring in the bowl. They weren't quite what I would describe as brown, but they were close enough and both kids just ate them up!

We decided to make "mud pies" outside today. Although, I did wait and let the hubby take control of that one! Abigail actually enjoyed it more than Aidan did! After mud pies... bath time came before dinner! For dinner, I made what my family just calls "meat roll." I use hot roll mix and follow the directions on the box. I roll it out and put cooked ground beef and some onions, and then roll it back up and bake per the directions on the box. When it was done, I served it with brown gravy! It was a winner :) Jason even ate it for breakfast the next morning!

For dessert, I was determined to get some chocolate involved in the day... so we made smores!

The pictures are the brown eggs, mud pies, and meat roll with gravy!

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