Thursday, July 15, 2010


Oh, I am so far behind on updating this blog, but nothing to feel blue about :) So our blue day was another fun day. We started the morning off with some blue eggs and homemade mini blueberry muffins. The kids loved having something blue for breakfast too!

I had Aidan pick out some books that had blue on the cover of them and we used those for our storytime. Then we decided to make our own blue books. (Although, the thought of a blue book brings me back to college and all those essays for my honors classes!) I found some magazines sitting around and had them go through the magazines and pick out pictures of things that were blue. I helped Abigail with the cutting, but she did a good job of picking things out. Aidan was looking for specific blue stuff and was happy when he found a couple movie picture that had blue on their covers. They glued all the pictures on a piece of blue paper. The one thing that makes me really happy with projects like this is how proud they are to show jason when it's all done. It's often one of the first things they show him when he gets home. For dinner, I made some pork and a veggie, but then made blue mashed potatoes. The potatoes ended up being played with and both kids were covered in blue potatoes! It was a mess, but again nothing to be blue about ;)

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